Proflavanol C200


Top-quality bioflavonoid and advanced vitamin C supplement twice as strong as Proflavanol C100

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This unique formula gives your body advanced antioxidant protection and supports a balanced immune system. Using USANA’s innovative Nutritional Hybrid Technology*, Usana Proflavanol C200 combines grape-seed extract and vitamin C to give you the best of both worlds—a single, high-potency tablet for convenient, tailored nutrition at a level twice as strong as Proflavanol C100. In addition, this product provides targeted antioxidant protection to enhance your body’s normal immune function and helps you maintain good health.

Health Benefits

  • USANA’s GlycoCarnin is a proprietary blend of high-quality grape seed extract and vitamin C
  • Grape seed extract works perfectly with vitamin C to protect cells and enhance normal immune function.
  • Made of New VCE + Poly C formula, a potent antioxidant combination
  • An optimum balance of vitamin C and grape seed extract helps to support circulatory health
  • USANA Grape Seed extract is a protector jam-packed with natural antioxidants, providing powerful protection for your body against damaging oxidative stress

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*U.S. Patent Applications 13/213,313 and 13/196,390

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